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A recipe for success!
by Jonny on Aug 27, 2008 at 3:40 pm
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Transworld Publishers have a wealth of exciting new talent which we are publishing next Spring with exciting debut novels from Curtis Sittenfeld (author of the much hyped and deservedly so, American Wife) and Julia Widdows (author of Living in Perhaps).

As well as these literary gems, we at between-the-lines are rubbing at hands with glee at the release of debut author Elle Newmark’s The Book of Unholy Mischief which hits the shelves on the 12th March 2009.

Reminiscent in style of Kate Mosse and Joanne Harris, between-the-lines have devoured proof copies of this novel, and have been left with an insatiable taste for Italian cuisine and Venetian culture (Lynsey is booking her flight now)!

The book follows the endeavours of apprentice chef Luciano, and his search for a book feted to contain all that his heart desires. We asked author Elle Newmark to divulge her own secrets of where her inspiration came from.  Check out her answers below, and do try out her fantastic recipe! Two parts author to one part culinary maestro, Elle Newmark we salute you!

Elle NewmarkQ. 1. Teaching is an important issue in the book; do you think there is a central lesson that comes across from your work?

A. Oh, sure. The message is that civilization advances through knowledge, and this fact places teachers among the most important people on earth. Librarians, the keepers of the flame, are equally invaluable, and I think teachers and librarians deserve more recognition than they generally receive.

Knowledge generates more knowledge and discoveries grow exponentially. This is precisely how we have come from living in caves to a space age society with instantaneous digital communication. Subtract teachers from this picture and progress would grind to a grating, painful halt.

And it’s difficult to be a teacher. I tried it, but I couldn’t do it. It takes a very special, dedicated, hard working, generous person to confront a room full of ignorance and fix it. I simply don’t have the patience, but my hat is off to those who do.

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Even more good news for Kate Atkinson fans
by Jonny on Aug 26, 2008 at 3:03 pm
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Missed Kate Atkinson’s fascinating interview with fellow Transworld author / award-winning broadcaster Jenni Murray on Radio 4′s Woman Hour?  Well here is some good news, you can listen again by clicking on the link below!

Reviews are coming in thick and fast for Kate’s third novel in the acclaimed Jackson Brodie series, so if you haven’t got your hands on a copy, what are you waiting for???

“Funny, bracingly intelligent and delightfully prickly…Kate Atkinson is that rarest of beasts, a genuinely surprising novelist.”

“Gripping…Suspense is tinglingly maintained throughout…shot through with wry wit and gritty realism.”
Daily Express

“Another Jackson Brodie thriller from the brilliant Kate Atkinson…the most enthralling to date.”

Faultless…plays with the tenets of the crime genre without ever sacrificing the essence of wit and nuance which make Atkinson’s novels such jubilant reads.
Scotland on Sunday

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Eragon…Do you know your Inheritance?
by Jonny on Aug 19, 2008 at 4:38 pm
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As we are fast approaching (see above) the publication of Brisingr the 3rd and final instalment of the Inheritance trilogy I thought it was high time to test the nation’s knowledge of all things Eragon and Saphira related. So if you know your Du Welvenvarden from your Beor Mountains or your Zar’roc from your Ra’zac then let’s see how well you fare with this cryptic medley of questions.

Answers will be posted here next week!


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Little and Large bookshop receive a whole new Nation!
by Lynsey on Aug 19, 2008 at 8:30 am
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The smallest island bookshop and the Nation’s largest bookshop will join forces to launch Terry Pratchett’s new novel, NATION, at special events to be held on Saturday 13th September!

Nation is set on a small desert island and challenges the way we think about cultural identity, nationhood and the history of civilisation. To reflect the book’s setting and story, Random House Children’s Books plans to hold the biggest and smallest bookshop signings with the Hayling Island Bookshop (smallest) and Waterstone’s Piccadilly (biggest).

At just over 3 metres2, the Hayling Island bookshop is the smallest island bookshop with enough space to hold only one copy of each book it stocks. In contrast, Waterstone’s Piccadilly is set over 7 floors with 5000 metres2 of shop space, making it the biggest bookshop in Europe. It is at these two very different venues that fans will gather for the chance to meet Terry Pratchett and get a copy of Nation signed.

On Saturday 13th September, Terry Pratchett will be signing at the Hayling Island Bookshop at 9am and at Waterstone’s Piccadilly at 2pm.


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A Whiff of Plucky Brit!
by Lynsey on Aug 18, 2008 at 4:45 pm
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New Transworld author and cyclist Mark Beaumont a ‘likeable adventurer’ has a series that commences on BBC1 tonight at 10:35pm. It runs from Monday to Thursday and is well worth staying up for as The Man Who Cycled the World tells of Marks adventures circumnavigating the globe (18,000 miles!!) on his £2,500 custom made bicycle. Mark is also the star of the new orange commercial and his series has had rave reviews in the weekend’s papers. As it says in the Sunday Times ‘the whole enterprise has a whiff of plucky Brit battling the odds.’ Which in my mind is perfect Monday night viewing! Mark is causing quite a stir in the Transworld offices so don’t forget to tune in for some true British escapism tonight and join in the excitement!

Mark Beaumont


Mark Beaumont’s advert for Orange



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This week, we at between-the-lines are proud to shout about the publication of Kate Atkinson’s WHEN WILL THERE BE GOOD NEWS?  In this new book, which effects a third outing for her much acclaimed fictional detective, Jackson Brodie, she produces a virtuoso display to produce one of the most engrossing, brilliantly written and piercingly insightful novels of this or any year.

The book has already attracted a number of rave reviews and looks set to break into the Sunday Times Bestseller List this weekend, charting at number 7.  Check out the reviews below and make sure you watch the video of Kate reading from a climatic scene in the novel.  And if you haven’t got your hands on a copy, what are you waiting for?!

“Compelling from the start” – Vogue

“Atkinson unravels the plot with dexterity and insightful aplomb” – Easy Living

“Atkinson’s writing is charming, and her style and wit always a delight” – Literary Review

“a brilliantly observed drama on the nature of fate, love and memory” – Marie Claire

“The opening chapter of Kate Atkinson’s latest book is one of the finest pieces of suspense literature you will read this year” – The London Lite

“Superb writing and accomplished plots” – Glamour

“Unconventional and thrilling crime fiction at its best” – The List

“An exhilarating jigsaw of a novel” – Woman and Home

“she stitches the seeming discordant plots into one big harmonious patchwork, where every stitch is a careful stitch and every patch operates both on its own merits and as part of the whole” – Scotland on Sunday

“it’s the kind of wonderful novel that simultaneously grips and transports you” – Sainsbury’s Magazine

“the novel grips, excites, moves, amuses and will have you racing through the pages” – Waterstone’s Books Quarterly

“This is a perceptive glimpse into the legacy of the real victims – those left behind when their loved ones are taken from them” – Psychologies


 To see more exclusive clips, check out Kate’s website


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Imogen Parker and The National Year of Reading
by Jonny on Aug 13, 2008 at 5:40 pm
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Imogen Parker

The exceptional array of genres that Transworld and its many varied authors cover opens up all sorts of opportunities for interesting promotional events. When we can we like to present a new book in an altogether ‘different’ way, and Imogen Parkers association with her local library in Poole, as part of the National Year of Reading presented such a chance.

Imogen Parker’s latest novel ‘The Things We do for Love’ is set in the imaginary seaside town of Kingshaven. So where better to hold an event for the new book but…on the beach.
Alongside Poole Libraries, the event was arranged with a hut for signing and talking, sun-loungers, ice creams, the odd glass of Pimms. However on the day in true British fashion the weather forecast looked bleak and the event was moved inside. Of course, Transworld authors would never allow a spot of rain to spoil the day so the event carried on regardless.The turn out was fantastic with many local reading groups and fans of Imogen’s coming to chat and firing questions as if she were an old friend. Favourite books and novels that had in one way or another had changed the lives of their readers were talked about honestly and openly by Imogen and everyone else there.

Imogen said “The people there included members of book groups who had read THE TIME OF OUR LIVES. I introduced the book and then we all had a discussion with people asking me questions about it. One of the people had been brought up in a hotel on the Isle of Wight and had lots of memories. We talked about my research and the mechanics of writing a trilogy, and everyone was very complimentary and eager to read the next book THE THINGS WE DO FOR LOVE.
Afterwards we had a wide ranging talk about books we had enjoyed, arising from me bringing along several books that were important to me and had influenced my writing. These included A Traveller in Time by Allison Uttley, Room at the Top by John Braine, Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh and Scruples by Judith Krantz. Quite an eclectic mix!”

The prequel to ‘The Things We Do for Love’ entitled ‘The Time of Our Lives’ is well loved in the area as it mentions many local beauty spots and old haunts that no longer exist and has inspired nostalgia in the Isle of Wight Rock festivals 1st generation patrons. It looks as though this latest instalment (and the 3rd in the trilogy, due out next year) will be just as successful.

A well enjoyed event for all who attended.


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Country Pursuits launch attracts some HEAT
by Jonny on Aug 12, 2008 at 5:14 pm
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Last night saw the launch of the sassy debut novel Country Pursuits by Heat Deputy Editor, Jo Carnegie.

Sarah Turner, Jo Carnegie and Linda Evans

 Packed to the rafters with journos, including the man said to have made Heat the publishing phenomenon it is today Mark Frith (see pic), The Union Club in Soho was abuzz.

 Mark Frith and Jo Carnegie

Queen of the signing table

Country Pursuits has been causing quite a stir this week in the women’s press, check out some of these cracking reviews:

‘If you were born after the mid-80’s, and don’t remember a literary life BC (before chick lit), prepare to be shocked because something’s coming along to kick its pert little butt. Yes, it’s the glorious return of the romp. Set in fictional Churchminster, Country Pursuits takes the bonkbuster baton from 80’s powerhouses Jilly Cooper and Jackie Collins, and runs right into the modern day with it . . . It’s scandalous, sexy, and all firmly tongue in cheek . . .

An unbelievably naughty and deliciously romantic countryside bonkbuster’



‘Jo Carnegie gives Jilly Cooper a run for her money. It’s a rip-roaring romp with a cast of colourful caricatures . . .

A racy read that’ll have you snorting with laughter’


‘A right corker! Very much in the Jilly Cooper vein . . . fast, sexy, fun, and we think you’ll love it – a lot’


‘We love a steamy read we do, especially when it’s set in the country. Scandal-a-plenty. Kind of like Emmerdale but with sex, champagne and hot men’


And for even more cheeky fun, have a look at our brand new website which flaunts a few extra ‘pursuits’ for the Churchminster fans, an interview with the author, and Jo’s interviews with George Clooney, Justin Timberlake and Will Smith!

So get your barber jacket, hunter wellies and a lovely set of pearls on and settle down to the best bonkbuster of the summer.

Country Pursuits

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Girls Aloud will wow the crowd!
by Lynsey on Aug 11, 2008 at 2:54 pm
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Between the Lines is in a frenzy of hair spray and lip gloss fuelled excitement.

WHY? Well apart from the delicious news that Bantam Press are publishing Girls Aloud’s autobiography on the 9th October, our favourite girl band are also going to be doing a signing to publicise the book!! This historic event will be taking place in Waterstones Piccadilly on publication! The 9th October from 5pm to 7pm. We’ll happily keep you posted on any of the girls other media appearances, so check back soon for more goss!

Dreams That Glitter

All that glitters is not gold, but this book is as good as!!

For more info on the girls go to

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Bestselling Transworld author Bill Bryson has urged the British public to consider the effect of litter on our surroundings in a 30 minute report for Panorama which will air at 8.30pm tonight on BBC1.

In the documentary, the author, who is now president of the Campaign to Protect Rural England, embarked on a tour of Britain as part of his campaign to clean up the country.

The Anglophile who is famed for his praise of Britain’s heritage and natural beauty in his work Notes from a Small Island travels across the UK, from Liverpool city centre to the Thames river to illustrate the sheer scale of the problem of fly tipping and littering.

In the programme, Bill Bryson reports that the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs records 2.6 million instances of fly-tipping occur in England every year and currently every weekend 1.3million bits of litter are dropped.

Despite these statistics Bryson firmly believes change is a possibility and has launched the CPRE’s Stop the Drop campaign (an anti-litter and fly-tipping initiative) to crusade for Britain’s cleanliness.

To find out more about Bill’s campaign tune in to BBC1 tonight at 8.30pm, or check out the CPRE website.   And make sure you pick up a copy of Notes from a Small Island!

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