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On the sixth day of Christmas…
by Jonny on Dec 23, 2008 at 12:01 pm
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Don’t you wish it could be Christmas every day? Have you decked the halls with boughs of holly and are you rockin’ around the Christmas tree, or perhaps you’re driving home for Christmas with jingle bells all the way, excited that Santa Claus is comin’ to town. This is no Fairytale of New York it’s a Proper Crimbo. How many more Christmas song titles can I work into this? Oh yes, here’s more of your favourite Transworld authors telling us:

All I want for Christmas is….

Simon Beckett

… “5000 words a day”

Jasper Kent

… “a rat. And happily, we’re getting two, though not actually for Christmas (the same rules apply for rats as for dogs and all other pets). But in the New Year we’re picking up two little baby girls who are the offspring of an abandoned, pregnant mother (male rat + female rat = many rats; it ain’t rocket science). We’re going to call them Dodo and Alecto. My girlfriend and I get to choose a name each, and my naming scheme is based on Doctor Who companions, hers on Greek goddesses. I’ll leave it to you and Google to work out which is which.”

Christmas puddingTwelve


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On the fifth day of Christmas . . .
by Jonny on Dec 22, 2008 at 4:26 pm
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With three days to go before the big day, I hope all you between-the-liners have your presents wrapped and under the tree by now!

For those that aren’t quite as organised as myself (ahem, haven’t wrapped/bought a thing) then take some inspiration from Transworld’s authors Marcus ‘The Book Thief’ Zusak, Tess ‘Queen of Crime’ Gerritsen and Matt ‘Small World’ Beaumont.

All I want for Christmas is…

Tess Gerritsen

… “a clean desk. It’s been covered with papers for so long, I’m not even sure what it looks like underneath.”

Marcus Zusak

… “to beat my brother at backyard cricket so I don’t have to put up with his gloating for all of 2009.”

Matt Beaumont

… “world peace (but can I have a gift receipt in case it’s the wrong size?)”


The What Shall I Read?
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On the fourth day of Christmas…
by Jonny on Dec 18, 2008 at 5:06 pm
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There’s nothing quite like the feeling of waking up on Christmas day, sprinting downstairs and having a good feel and shake of some of your beautiful looking pressies is there? Luckily for us, some more of our fantastic authors have been so kind as to share their ideas for gifts with us, so that there are actually presents to shake come the 25th!

Mo Hayder

“…for Daniel Craig to quit pestering me for a date and get a life. I’m taken, ok?”

Stephen Clarke

“…A beach. I don’t mean that I want to own one and charge people to sit on deckchairs, I’d just like the loan of a towel-sized rectangle of sand, preferably near a warm bit of sea. I grew up in Bournemouth and if I don’t go and stare at an expanse of saltwater regularly I start to turn into a kind of beached dolphin, desperate for a kind ecologist to shove me in the water.”

Anita Notaro

“…All I want for Christmas is continued good health and for the builders to leave my house before a couple of them end up in hospital with not such good health themselves – I’ve had enough!

SJ Bolton

“…the skin of a 29 year old, a Justin Heath still life, a dog that comes when she’s called, two more little boys exactly like the one I already have, only maybe with different colour hair, calorie free Belgian chocolates, a husband who can cook and the latest Dan Brown thriller (come on, Dan, get on with it!) Oh, and world peace would be quite nice.”

Tom Cain

“…A New York Times best-seller”

 Transworld Tree

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On the third day of Christmas . . .
by Jonny on Dec 17, 2008 at 4:18 pm
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… my true love gave to me Three Bags Full, Bravo Two Zero and Paul O’Grady’s At My Mother’s Knee . . .

Ahem, if you are still stuck for Christmas present ideas after that festive Transworld ditty, then why not take some inspiration from your favourite Transworld authors!

All I Want for Christmas is…

DeadlineSimon Kernick

“someone to finish my latest book”

Jo Carnegie

“a new thesarus, dog (won’t happen), paper shredder”101 Things to Do

Mimi Spencer

“… peace on earth, goodwill to all men and a pair of Christian Louboutin “Forever Tina” boots (in purple suede if poss)”

 Giles Kristian

“a pair of thigh-length stockings at the end of my bed”

Country PursuitsRaven

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On the second day of Christmas…
by Jonny on Dec 16, 2008 at 7:07 pm
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So…how are we all doing with the Christmas shopping? Got everything sorted? No, me neither! No fear because here it is, your 2nd hit of our daily run-up-to-Christmas pressie author ideas. So feast your eyes on this little lot and see if you’re still stuck for what to get that awkward Uncle Jack this year!

All I Want for Christmas is…
Julia Widdows

“… apart from an end to world conflict and stuff like that which won’t happen, is some cosy socks. Either way, not much to ask.”


James Sheehan

“…my family to be home–my two sons, my daughter and my five grandchildren. I want Mom and Dad to come too but I know they can’t. I’ll be satisfied if two birds perch on the window sill. It will tell me all I need to know.”

Claudia Carroll


“…to wake up on 25th December and magically find myself able to cook. And to have a basic understanding of the rudiments of turkey stuffing and some clue as to what all of my kitchen utensils are for. Yet again, I’m stuck with having to cook for the entire family this year, in spite of all their complaints that last year’s turkey was pink in the middle and that you’d have needed the digestive system of a horse just to get through the glazed ham. So basically, I’d like to wake up and be a female Gordon Ramsey for the entire day, right down to al the effing and blinding.” 


Anne Fine

“…is exactly the same as usual: a box of 2B pencils and lots of lovely dark chocolate.”

Brian Clegg


“…to see everyone reading books. I would say this, of course, as an author, but just imagine someone curled up in front of a roaring log fire with a good book and compare that image with someone hunched over a TV set, playing the latest console game – see which looks better in your mind. Reading is great for developing the brain, and books make impressively cheap entertainment when times are hard – but that’s really not the point. Books are special. And cunningly designed to be easy to wrap as presents. So make a poor author very happy. Forget the latest gadget – buy a pile of books.”

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On the first day of Christmas…
by Lynsey on Dec 15, 2008 at 5:58 pm
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As the days drawing in to Christmas are getting shorter we at Transworld Towers have noticed our fatal mistake. Whilst decking the corridors with boughs of holly we realised we haven’t bought our secret Santa presents yet and are sadly lacking in ideas!

So for inspiration we turned to our favourite authors and asked them what they would most like wrapped in shiny paper and awaiting them under their Douglas fir on Christmas morning. Check back all this week for the festive foretellings of our literary elite, kicking off in splendid style with Joanne Harris, Jilly Cooper, Andy McNab, John O’Farrell and Kathy Lette.

All I want for Christmas is…Brute Force

The Lollipop Shoes

Joanne Harris

“… one perfect snowball fight.”

Andy McNab

“a new motorbike. BMW R1250 GS, anyone out there with a spare one?”

Kathy Lette

“the Nobel prize for literature, of course, presented to me by George Clooney. But otherwise, I’d like a big box of books.

To Love, Honour & Betray

Men are always wondering what women want in bed. Well, the answer is breakfast. And a Isle of Wight to get Ceefaxwonderful novel. Is there anything more scintillating than slipping between the covers of a robust hardback? Books are a perfect pressie in the recession too. They offer a week’s entertainment and can then be used as kindling, loo paper or to throw at an irritating husband. Yep – a perfect gift. ”

John O’Farrell

“…a copy of the Pop-Up Joy of Sex. I got one last year and it doesn’t seem to pop up.”

How to Survive Christmas

Jilly Cooper

“…for all the stray animals abandoned over the festive season to find new, loving homes over Christmas.”

Pick up a new book for Christmas at

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Slumdog Millionaire film news
by Kate on Dec 11, 2008 at 2:46 pm
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Slumdog Millionaire based on the bestselling book Q&A by Vikas Swarup , has won three British Independent Film Awards: Best Film, Best Director – Danny Boyle and most promising newcomer – Dev Patel.

And it has now been nominated for four Golden Globes including Best Picture and Best Director.

The film is hotly tipped for the Oscars in February and we at Between the Lines can’t wait to see it when it opens on 9th January. Until then, here’s a look at the trailer:


Buy it now

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Keeping the Dead – video!
by Jonny on Dec 9, 2008 at 4:20 pm
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Here is a Christmas treat for all your crime fans, a video trailer of Tess Gerritsen’s new thriller, Keeping the Dead!


Tess knows how to expertly dissect a brilliantly suspenseful story, all the while keeping enthralled readers riveted to her side. By turns heart-stopping and relentlessly surprising, Keeping the Dead showcases an author at the peak of her storytelling powers.  As you will see from this video, Keeping the Dead also sees the exciting return of Dr Maura Isles and Homicide Detective Jane Rizzolli!

Keeping the Dead is published in hardback on 12th February next year, and Tess will be flying over the UK for a nationwide tour to meet her fans.  Keep you eyes peeled for tour announcements later this month!

Keeping the Dead

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Discworld on the small screen!
by Lynsey on Dec 4, 2008 at 5:09 pm
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We’ve teamed up with those clever bods at Poll the People to bring you this little piece of trivia. There’s no guarantee that it will be acted upon but you never know who’s watching…



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Season’s Greetings from Transworld & RHCB!
by Lynsey on Dec 3, 2008 at 7:08 pm
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Feel in need of some festive cheer?  

Frustrated that your advent calendar only delivers the mundane? (not that I have anything against chocolate, feel free to post some in.)

Well the crafty little elves in our digital teams came up with the fantastic idea of having online advent calendars for Transworld and Random House Children’s Books! They have been scouring the punlishing world and pulling all kinds of strings to come up with oodles of cool prizes to be won each day. Check out the links below and the RHCB gift picker details – Christmas shopping has never been this easy!

Transworld Advent Calendar –  (win great prizes, including Champney’s Spa break, DVDs, Magazine Subscriptions, Year’s supply of Divine Chocolate, iPods, Gadgets and loads of signed books. – Enter each day for a great chance to win!)

RHCB Advent Calendar –  (One for the children too! Prizes include Jacqueline Wilson books and goodies, Family trips to Alton Towers and Chessington Zoo, Cool toys, Comic subscriptions, Designer deckchair and much more…)

Stuck for Christmas ideas for kids? We can help solve your problems with our Children’s Books Gift Picker. Simply select the age and gender of the child you’re buying for and choose from a range of genres and interests then let our Gift Picker do the work for you. Select the books you want and buy directly online, or email or print out your lists and take them with you the shops.

Random House Children’s Group Gift Picker –


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