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Domnica Radulescu at the Ratiu Foundation – 21st July!
by Lynsey on Jun 27, 2011 at 2:56 pm
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21st July 2011

Thursday 21 July 2011   ***  a Culture Power event

Hosted by Dr Mike Phillips OBE, British novelist, historian and curator
Followed by a Q&A session

19.00-21.00, The Ratiu Foundation / Romanian Cultural Centre
Manchester Square, 18 Fitzhardinge Street, London W1H 6EQ; Tel. 020 7486 0295, ext 108
e-mail: ; Entry is free but booking is essential.

Romanian-born American writer Domnica Radulescu, author of best-selling Train to Trieste, is coming to London for a special talk and presentation of her most recent novel – Black Sea Twilight – ahead of its UK publication in August 2011 by Transworld Publishers – Black Swan.

Domnica Radulescu will discuss some of the creative processes and sources of inspiration that lead to the creation of Black Sea Twilight in light of her experience of growing up in Romania under the dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu and of her experience as an émigré in the Western world.

Radulescu will offer her authorial perspective on the protagonist of the novel, Nora Teodoru, an aspiring visual artist, courageous adventurer and passionate young Romanian woman, through the lens of the interconnectedness between the female body and the female creative imagination and the ways in which the latter is affected by the experience of exile. A book of carnivalesque occurrences, tragic separations, suspenseful escapes and dreams of overpowering passion, Black Sea Twilight takes even farther some of the themes developed in her first novel, Train to Trieste, and weaves them through a rich palette of wrenching emotions, fantastical visions and colorful landscapes.
Excerpts from the novel will be read to illustrate the themes and notions developed in the talk.

Domnica Radulescu won a national prize for a volume of short stories when she was twenty, just before she fled her native Romania during Nicolae Ceausescu’s dictatorship. She settled in the United States as a political refugee in 1983. She is a Professor of French and Italian Literature and Chair of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program at Washington and Lee University in Virginia.
Her first novel Train to Trieste won the Library of Virginia Award for Best Fiction. Black Sea Twilight is her second novel.

by Domnica Radulescu. Black Swan, July 2011 • 432 pages • ISBN: 0552774758
RRP £7.99. Available to buy online from
The book will also be available on the evening, and the author will sign copies.
Organised by The Ratiu Foundation / Romanian Cultural Centre in London.
Culture Power is a programme initiated by the Ratiu Foundation, consisting of a number of presentations and constructive dialogue with an invited audience.

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Like the Cut of our Jib?
by Lynsey on Jun 23, 2011 at 9:57 am
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Very true I may have been spending too much time using Urban Dictionary of late but here at Transworld Towers we now have an impressive collection of facebook groups for fiction that are well worth a ‘like’.

For fans of Science Fiction and Fantasy we have everything from Terry Pratchett to Steven Erikson over at Geek Reads

For lovers of the softer things in life, women’s fiction and chick-lit abound at The Page Turners 

For chill seekers, those who see chalk outlines and identikit’s there’s The Serial Thrillers

For those blessed with a time machine and a love of historical writings there’s AD BC History Rocks!

And for those who like all types of fiction and especially when it’s free head over to What Shall I Read this Month?

Don’t forget to be Transworld Book-Publisher’s friend on facebook for up to the minute news, photos, interviews and events.

 Geek Reads  The Page Turners  The Serial Thrillers  ADBC History Rocks  What Shall I Read this Month?

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Bear Grylls at Waterstone’s Piccadilly
by Elizabeth on Jun 22, 2011 at 3:27 pm
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Bear Grylls appeared at Waterstone’s Piccadilly yesterday to sign copies of his new hardback Mud, Sweat and Tears and to meet some of his doting fans ranging from cub scouts to dedicated adventurers.

It was a fantastic way to celebrate the book reaching the number one position.

bear-grylls1-piccadilly-2011.jpg bear-grylls2-piccadilly-201.jpg

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Crime in the Court
by Elizabeth on Jun 22, 2011 at 10:41 am

Last night Goldsbro Books hosted the first Crime in the Court evening to coincide with Independent Booksellers Week. David Headley – Co-founder and MD of Goldsboro Books – was joined by over 200 authors, journalists, publishers, and crime bloggers in the beautiful surroundings of Cecil Court.

Transworld Publicity provided canapés for the evening, and were a dominant presence with huge in-house attendance alongside authors SJ Bolton, Robert Goddard and Nick Drake.

 crime-in-the-court.jpg  web-1.jpg


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We can announce today that Transworld publishers has acquired UK and Commonwealth (ex Canada) publishing rights to the long-awaited autobiography of tennis legend Jimmy Connors. The book is scheduled to be published by Bantam Press in 2012.

From the early 1970s to the mid-90s, Connors embodied men’s tennis in all its brash and crowd-pleasing glory-a shaggy-haired bad boy from East St. Louis who ushered the sport out of its genteel amateur era by grunting, screaming, and blasting through the polite silence of courtside spectators.

“A lot has been written about me, my family, my on-court behaviour and my off-court life,” Connors says. “Some of it is true, well, you decide. This book is going to change that. People may think they know Jimmy Connors . Maybe they do, but now it’s time for me to set the record straight!

In his 24 years as a professional, Connors won 8 grand slams and captivated tennis fans with his aggressive play and colourful life away from the sport. Among the many episodes Connors will finally address in his memoir are:

  • His relationship with America’s tennis sweetheart Chris Evert.
  • His epic rivalry with John McEnroe, which the British press once dubbed “Brat vs. Super Brat.”
  • His close , but complicated relationship with his late mother Gloria who instilled in him the killer instinct that defined his remarkable career.

“Jimmy is one of the true legends of sport and transformed the game of tennis. He is winner of 8 grand slams singles titles and to this day holds the all time record for 109 ATP singles titles won. In his 24 years as a professional, Jimmy Connors has captivated tennis fans with his aggressive play and colorful life away from the sport. It’s a huge thrill to be publishing what is certain to be one of the most colourful and unflinching autobiographies ever written,” said Giles Elliott, Senior Editor at Transworld who bought rights from Maggie Hanbury of The Hanbury Agency.

“I am thrilled to be representing Jimmy, and delighted with this deal, ” said Maggie

Jimmy Connors

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THE WATCHERS hits the small screen!
by Jonny on Jun 10, 2011 at 9:37 am

Well, almost… To celebrate publication of The Watchers, in the next two weeks, FantasyBookCritic will be hosting exclusive videos of Transworld author Jon Steele talking about his debut novel The Watchers. The book itself is set in Lausanne, Switzerland, and the mini-films – which are being fed out daily between now and Friday 17th June – follow Jon around the different real-life locations that inspired his writing, from Lake Geneva to 800-year-old Lausanne Cathedral!

Plus, FantasyBookCritic are running a competition where you can win a signed copy of The Watchers EVERY DAY until 17th June, so do head on over and take part now!

The first video can be viewed HERE


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by Elizabeth on Jun 3, 2011 at 10:00 am
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Hay Festival was founded in 1987 and takes place annually in the town Hay-on-Wye from which it gathers its name. From its humble beginnings it has become a global non-profit organization that combines literature and arts events from all over the world. Today, it draws the most exciting writers, musicians, filmmakers, actors, and politicians to its stages.

Transworld are proud to announce eleven of our authors will be participating in the festival this year (26th May to 5th June) and encourage all of you to attend if you haven’t already to enjoy the last few days!

The following amazing author events have already taken place:

James Holland
Duty Calls: Dunkirk:
Join war historian and presenter of BBC2′s Battle of Britain took audiences into the heart – and horror – of the Second World War through the eyes of a 16-year-old Private.


Tim Smit
A celebration of the tenth anniversary of Cornwall’s iconic centre for horticulture and biodiversity with its director


Paul O’Grady with Sandi Toksvig
THE DEVIL RIDES OUT: The entertainer writes autobiography like a dream – a very funny, moving and riveting one.


Joanna Trollope with Rosie Boycott
DAUGHTERS IN LAW: The acute chronicler of English mores and manners scrutinized mother-love in her new novel.


General Sir Richard Dannatt with Nik Gowing
Leading from the Front: The forthright Chief of the General Staff (2006–2009) reviews his military career and the current state of the nation’s defences.


Rob Lowe with Mariella Frostrup
STORIES I ONLY TELL MY FRIENDS: The Hollywood star of The West Wing and Brothers & Sisters made some new friends…


Michael Wright with Tiffany Murray
JE T’AIME A LA FOLIE: The bucolic French provincial life is twisted with an improbable transatlantic love affair


John Boyne talked to Paul Blezard
THE ABSOLUTIONIST: From the author who brought you THE BOY IN THE STRIPPED PAJAMAS, this new novel examines the events of the Great War from the perspective of two young privates, both struggling with the complexity of their emotions and the confusion of their friendship.


Don’t worry if you have missed these—there are still a few days and the following amazing author events yet to come!

Tony Fitzjohn talks to Ben Fogle – 2 June 2011, 5:20pm– BORN WILD: A story of passion, adventure and skulduggery on the frontline of African conservation in Kenya and Tanzania.
To buy tickets:

James Holland – 3 June 2011, 10am– THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN: The historian tells the stories of the few who did so much for the many in the five months in 1940 that saved Britain.
To buy tickets:

Mark Beaumont talks to Rob Penn – 3 June 2011, 5:15pm– THE MAN WHO CYCLED THE WORLD: There are some tales to tell from the young Scot’s adventure 18,000 miles around the world on two wheels in 194 days and 17 hours.

Marcus Brigstocke talks to Peter Florence – 4 June 2011, 2:30pm, Venue: Oxfam Stage – GOD COLLAR: A special preview of the comedian’s book questioning atheism, faith and the meaning of life

Ed Stourton – 4 June 2011, 11:30am– DIARY OF A DOG WALKER: The journalist considers his ‘Time Spent Following a Lead’ – and the conversations, engagements and digressions that he and his best friend encounter.

For further information and to buy tickets please visit:¤cysetting=GBP&localesetting=en-GB&resetfilters=true

Come out and support your favorite Transworld author while enjoying the first days of summer in the beautiful Brecon Beacons National Park at Hay Festival 2011!

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Rob Lowe recounts tales from Hollywood
by Elizabeth on Jun 2, 2011 at 5:13 pm

Rob Lowe recounts tales from Hollywood at the RGS with Intelligence Squared last week.  He was interviewed on stage by Kate Muir, chief film critic of The Times.

Stories I Only Tell My Friends by Rob Lowe is out now in hardback; for more information, click here

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dsc6953.jpg dsc0749-bw.jpg

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