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As August ends so does the chance to take part in our Book Group Reading Challenge. The challenge last until the end of October so don’t worry if you’ve entered already you have plenty of time to read your four books!

To enter now comment on the original article which has details of the books and how to take part. From tomorrow we will be featuring each book and author in a special Between the Lines spotlight, highlighting some of the fabulous reviews we’ve recieved and to spark some lively debates! Over to you…

Transworld Book Group

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Local author and forager
will launch his latest book

Booze for Free

Booze for Free by Andy Hamilton

on Thursday 8th September
at Blackwell
89 Park Street, Bristol BS1 5PW

All are invited
Come along to see a brilliant homebrewing demonstration from Andy
and have the chance to sample a tipple or two.

For more infromation on Andy visit his website:
To pre-order your copy of Booze for Free click here

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Theo Walcott signs copies of his latest book
by Kate on Aug 19, 2011 at 1:27 pm
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Theo Walcott was at the Arsenal club shop yesterday to sign copies of his new book, Theo: Growing Up Fast. Fans turned out in their hundreds to meet Theo, and he proved his reputation as the nice guy of football by staying until he’d made sure every single person had their copy signed.

Speaking before the signing, Theo explained that writing the book had given him the chance to “revisit the highs and lows” of his career, and that he was glad for the chance to get all his emotions down in writing.

To order your copy of Theo: Growing Up Fast click here

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Sneak Peek of SNUFF!
by Lynsey on Aug 15, 2011 at 12:13 pm
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** Contains Spoilers **

Snuff by Terry Pratchett


Terry Pratchett


‘The goblin experience of the world is the cult or perhaps religion of Unggue. In short, it is a remarkably complex resurrection-based religion founded on the sanctity of bodily secretions. Its central tenet runs as follows: everything that is expelled from a goblin’s body was clearly once part of them and should, therefore, be treated with reverence and stored properly so that it can be entombed with its owner in the fullness of time. In the meantime the material is stored in unggue pots, remarkable creations of which I shall speak later.
A moment’s distasteful thought will tell us that this could not be achieved by any creature, unless in possession of great wealth, considerable storage space and compliant neighbours.
Therefore, in reality, most goblins observe the Unggue Had – what one might term the common and lax form of Unggue – which encompasses earwax, finger- and toenail clippings, and snot. Water, generally speaking, is reckoned as not unggue, but something which goes through the body without ever being part of it: they reason that there is no apparent difference in the water before and after, as it were (which sadly shines a light on the freshness of the water they encounter in their underground lairs). Similarly faeces are considered to be food that has merely undergone a change of state. Surprisingly, teeth are of no interest to the goblins, who look on them as a type of fungus, and they appear to attach no importance to hair, of which, it has to be said, they seldom have very much.’

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Snuff Said!
by Lynsey on Aug 13, 2011 at 9:00 am

This year sees the publication of Terry Pratchett’s 39th Discworld novel SNUFF! To celebrate this momentous occasion we have been revealing exclusive images, information and spoilers on the Terry Pratchett Facebook Group on the 13th of every month in the run up to publication on the 13th October.

There are only two months left and what better way to celebrate the 13th August exclusive SNUFF date than with a competition to win an extremely rare, early reading edition of SNUFF! Get your hands on an uncorrected book proof two months before the book hits the shelves!

It couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do is answer the question below. Email your name and answer to the following address: to be in with a chance to win.

 Q: What was the 25th Discworld novel called?

All winning entries will be put in the proverbial hat (or sack if there are a dearth of hats) and the winner will be drawn on Monday 15th August. The competition ends at midnight on Sunday 14th August and the winner will be announced at noon on Monday 15th August! Open to international entrants.

Good Luck!


Snuff Proof


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The last few days of Tess Gerritsen’s UK tour
by Kate on Aug 1, 2011 at 1:42 pm
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Last week we said our farewells to Tess Gerritsen who travelled up and down the UK for packed events and signings.

Thursday saw her last two events in Liverpool where fans queued down the street to have their copy of The Silent Girl personalised by the queen of the chiller thriller herself. People had come from all corners of the UK bringing gifts, US editions of the Rizzoli & Isles TV series DVD (coming to our screens in September) and even a personalised The Silent Girl UK tour 2011 jumper to be signed.

After exploring the windy Albert Docks in the afternoon Tess finished the day with a packed out evening event at the beautiful independent bookshop Lingham’s in Heswall on the Wirral. With standing room only Tess told the captivated audience about her interest in forensic anthropology and how she takes her ideas from real life news. During the event she revealed to her readers that the character Iris Fang in her latest novel The Silent Girl is based on a real person, Bow Sim Mark. Inspired by news that she read in The Boston Globe, Tess chose to use a non stereotypical Chinese character in her thriller. Bow Sim Mark is in her seventies and a grandmaster in wushu (a form of Chinese martial arts), Iris is little younger at 55 but still a formidable woman. Read more by clicking here.

Fans queue outside Waterstone’s Bold Street in Liverpool Fans queue outside Waterstone’s Bold Street in Liverpool

A fan brings a personalised 2011 tour jumper to be signed A fan brings a personalised 2011 tour jumper to be signed

A packed crowd at Linghams in Heswall A packed crowd at Linghams in Heswall

Having a few minutes before her flight, Tess signed copies at London Heathrow airport Having a few minutes before her flight, Tess signed copies at London Heathrow airport

To buy you copy of The Silent Girl click here.

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