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You Ask… ANDY McNAB!!
by Lynsey on Sep 22, 2011 at 3:01 pm

Andy McNabTransworld Books called out to readers and fans of Andy McNab on twitter to send in some questions for the SAS hero to answer. Andy McNab is currently touring the UK to promote his new book Dead Centre, published 15th September in hardback. Andy took time out between events to answer your questions.

1. Where do you do most of your writing?
Wherever I can get it done. Planes and trains are best, peace and quiet!

2. When was the last time you were in a war zone?
March this year, in Mogadishu.

3. Can we hope for another War Torn book?
Yes definitely, hopefully next year!

4. Who is the man on the covers of your books?!
The original one was George Clooney’s body double!

5. Why did you choose “Andy McNab” as your pseudonym?
It was short and sharp and there was symmetry on the two words. And it looks good on the covers! It was only for one book originally!

6. Where, apart from Iraq, was the coldest, wettest and hungriest you have been?
Norway on the yearly NATO northern flank exercises.

7. Why did you choose not to call your 2nd non-fiction book simply “The Regiment” instead of “Immediate Action”?
I wish I had now, good idea!

8. Nick Stone isn’t a spring chicken, will there be a point that he’s just too old for his game or will he be a kick arse pensioner?
He will be just like Mick jagger, keep on going forever!

9. Do you still genuinely enjoy watching Bollywood films?
Yes! Can’t get enough of them!!

10. Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?
Just start writing stuff and ask your mates or girlfriend to read it and honestly give feedback? Once you’ve done that you need an agent to get it to the right publishers as they do not want unsolicited manuscripts. If that doesn’t work there are many online sites where you can publish yourself.

Dead Centre by Andy McNab

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Zero Hour trailer
by Kate on Dec 7, 2010 at 8:25 pm
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Nick Stone is back in the heart-stopping new thriller from Andy McNab. It’s a cracking read and you obviously agree because it’s gone straight into the Sunday Times bestseller list at No.2.

You can watch the fantastic video trailer for Zero Hour here:


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Andy McNab speaks to The Royal Green Jackets
by Elizabeth on Dec 3, 2010 at 2:26 pm
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On Tuesday night, Andy McNab gave a stirring speech to The Royal Green Jackets in East Ham about the conditions our troops face today and the ForceSelect Foundation, the charity providing help to British ex servicemen and women.

Zero Hour was published in Hardback by Bantam Press on the 25th November 2010.
For more information and to read an extract of Zero Hour, please click here



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One Transworld author who rarely backs down is the candid and straight-talking Andy McNab.

In his controversial interview with The Telegraph, which has sparked much heated debate, McNab criticises Jimmy McGovern, the 61-year old writer of Accused, a new BBC drama following those accused of crimes awaiting the verdict of their trial.  McNab vehemently maintains that the drama is not a realistic portrayal of Army life and ‘simply does not reflect the truth of what the Army is about’.

Why not have your say?  Click here to read the article in full.

Andy McNab’s latest novel Zero Hour is out now in hardback – click here to read an extract and for more information about the author.


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The Summer Reading Challenge!
by Lynsey on Jun 22, 2010 at 5:43 pm
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The Summer Reading Challenge

Do you love to review books? Do you post reviews on Amazon? Are you an avid blogger? If you answered yes to any of these questions then the Transworld Summer Reading Challenge is for you!

Running from June to September we’re letting bloggers pick four titles from the list below to be sent for review. Review the book on your blog or on Amazon and send us the link, then we’ll send you out the second book on your list.* It’s as easy at that!

At the end of the Summer (fingers crossed for a warm September!) we’ll host a mini shindig for the most active bloggers to celebrate completing the challenge and chat about our Autumn titles. We’d love to meet you in person!

Post this header and the packshot above (we’ll send it to you) linking back to Between the Lines to commence your challenge!
‘I’m taking part in the Transworld Dan Brown Summer Reading Challenge!’

1. The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown
2. Matters of the Heart by Danielle Steel
3. E Squared by Matt Beaumont
4. If I Stay by Gayle Forman
5. Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld
6. Forbidden Pleasures by Jo Rees
7. Exit Wound by Andy McNab
8. Second Hand Heart by Catherine Ryan Hyde
9. Assassin by Tom Cain
10. Bryant & May on the Loose by Christopher Fowler
11. Amberville by Tim Davys
12. After You by Julie Buxbaum
13. Lockdown by Sean Black
14. The Wish by Sasha Blake
15. 61 Hours by Lee Child

For more information on any of these titles head on over to

To take part just post a comment on this blog entry below and we’ll be in touch!

Happy Summer Reading!

 *(EU residents only) Must apply by the end of August

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Quick Reads books now available as iPhone apps
by Lynsey on Mar 9, 2010 at 7:26 pm
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Quick Reads are bite-sized books by bestselling writers and celebrities.

Quick Reads

They are ideal for regular readers wanting a short, fast read, and for those who have lost the reading habit or find reading tough. They are short, sharp shots of entertainment.

Now, Quick Reads are also available as downloadable iTunes applications. You can get yours by visiting the iTunes store.

Here are our favourites:

Last Night Another Soldier by Andy McNab

It is Afghanistan, 2009. A rifle section is half-way through their six-month tour of duty in Helmand Province. Sixteen men have already been killed. For eighteen-year-old David ‘Briggsy’ Briggs and his four mates, this is going to be one of the greatest challenges of their lives…

Buster Fleabags by Rolf Harris

The happiest times in Rolf Harris’s boyhood were spent with Buster Fleabags – a bouncy little dog with stuck-up ears and a curly tail. Buster Fleabags was as much of a character – and a bundle of energy – as his owner, and this is the story of a very special dog.

Life’s Too Short: True Stories of Life at Work – Foreword by Val McDermid

Whether we love it or hate it, work has a huge impact on our lives. From builder to baker to social care worker, these writers tell us what life is really like at work today. The one thing that all these true stories prove is that you never know what your working day will bring.

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On the first day of Christmas…
by Lynsey on Dec 15, 2008 at 5:58 pm
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As the days drawing in to Christmas are getting shorter we at Transworld Towers have noticed our fatal mistake. Whilst decking the corridors with boughs of holly we realised we haven’t bought our secret Santa presents yet and are sadly lacking in ideas!

So for inspiration we turned to our favourite authors and asked them what they would most like wrapped in shiny paper and awaiting them under their Douglas fir on Christmas morning. Check back all this week for the festive foretellings of our literary elite, kicking off in splendid style with Joanne Harris, Jilly Cooper, Andy McNab, John O’Farrell and Kathy Lette.

All I want for Christmas is…Brute Force

The Lollipop Shoes

Joanne Harris

“… one perfect snowball fight.”

Andy McNab

“a new motorbike. BMW R1250 GS, anyone out there with a spare one?”

Kathy Lette

“the Nobel prize for literature, of course, presented to me by George Clooney. But otherwise, I’d like a big box of books.

To Love, Honour & Betray

Men are always wondering what women want in bed. Well, the answer is breakfast. And a Isle of Wight to get Ceefaxwonderful novel. Is there anything more scintillating than slipping between the covers of a robust hardback? Books are a perfect pressie in the recession too. They offer a week’s entertainment and can then be used as kindling, loo paper or to throw at an irritating husband. Yep – a perfect gift. ”

John O’Farrell

“…a copy of the Pop-Up Joy of Sex. I got one last year and it doesn’t seem to pop up.”

How to Survive Christmas

Jilly Cooper

“…for all the stray animals abandoned over the festive season to find new, loving homes over Christmas.”

Pick up a new book for Christmas at

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by Lynsey on Oct 24, 2008 at 10:00 am
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Andy McNab’s eagerly anticipated new novel is published on the 7th November. Now I could wait patiently for the next two weeks and sit on the exclusive action-packed extract I had planned to post, but would you want to sit on a piece of fiction so explosive that my heart races just thinking about it and I come out in a cold sweat?

No here at between the lines we are not that selfish, for your enjoyment may I have the pleasure in presenting to you in all it’s intense finery an extract from… BRUTE FORCE!!

Brute Force

I watched Benjamin Lesser hunch over the TPU, remove a penknife from his jeans and unscrew the lid. He turned the Parkway anti-clockwise, lifted out the rubber pad and dropped it and the knife onto the deck. Then he made his way back the way he had come. He was walking, not running. Good drills: he didn’t want to break a leg and be stuck down here when the device kicked off. He wanted to make sure he could get upstairs before the Parkway did its bit.
      The moment he’d disappeared, I legged it towards the TPU. He’d set the Parkway to fifteen minutes. I grabbed the rubber, jammed it into place and turned the dial back down to zero.
      I picked up the knife and cut the ring main about three metres from the detonator. Whatever happened now, only three metres of det cord would ignite. It had the power to rip through human flesh, but it wasn’t going to do much damage to the ship.
      I edged round beside the first dustbin lid and waited. Big Ben would be back. He was too professional and committed to just shrug his shoulders when it didn’t detonate.
      I kept reminding myself that his death had to look like an accident. I imagined the frantic activity up on deck as they tried to get the boats away before it detonated.

      The fifteen minutes passed.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Name Your Unsung Heroes!
by Lynsey on Oct 3, 2008 at 4:42 pm
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Between the Lines favourite SAS Hero Andy McNab has launched his own blog!Seven Troop

In an attempt to recognise the hero in all of us (I do a very good wonder woman) McNab has set up his Unsung Heroes Campaign, a chance for everyone to nominate their unsung hero!

Whether it be someone who is utterly selfless or the girl who always makes you laugh, the guy who lent you his umbrella in the pouring rain or the neighbour who checked on your gran while you are at work; this is your chance to sing their praises!

As no selfless deed deserves to go unrewarded post your story on Andy’s blog and you could win £500 of vouchers to spend on whatever you choose!! You could mimic your hero and spend them selflessly on Christmas presents or treat yourself to a media buying frenzy!!

Andy will pick the winner before Christmas so pop to the blog now and read Andy’s note about the competition. Be inspired to do something heroic by his gripping story in his new book Seven Troop which is out now.

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