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Happy Publication Day David Logan!
by Elizabeth on May 10, 2012 at 7:30 am
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Happy Publication Day to Terry Pratchett prize willing author David Logan!

Half Sick of Shadows is published today in hardback, a dark, dazzling, tragi-comic tale of childhood wonder, time-travelling poets and theoretical physics.

To celebrate the publication, we asked David to reveal a few of his top threes…

Top 3 authors

1.   Anthony Burgess

2.   Ray Bradbury

3.   Malcolm Bradbury


Top 3 books of all time

1.   The Sea, The Sea:   Iris Murdoch

2.   Death is a Lonely Business:   Ray Bradbury

3.   Dr Criminale:   Malcolm Bradbury


Top 3 tips for writers

1.   Foster an inquisitive mind. Find stuff interesting.

2.   Don’t just write every day; try to improve every day.

3.   Read critically.


Top 3 favourite ways to relax

1.   Sleep. Brains need sleep.

2.   Visit my mum and listen to her tales of aches and pains. My mum can talk forever.

3.   Travel. See new sights. Stroke a cat.


Top 3 foods

1.   Flavour: Spices: The holy trinity: chilli, garlic, ginger

2.   Rib eye steak (fried properly)

3.   Crunchy Nut cornflakes with fresh milk & blueberries


Top 3 places visited

1.   Venice

2.   Grand Turk

3.   Grenada


Follow David on Twitter @davidclogan

For further information, please contact Elizabeth Swain @EKSwain


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